Helping Agencies Provide Paid Search & Digital Advertising to Clients

Does you have clients who are interested in paid search and digital adverising (Google Adwords, Bing, Facebook ads, retargeting), but this isn't something your agency offers?

LS Media- a niche, digital service provider exclusively focused on paid search marketing- partners with all sorts of agencies who have synergistic, but fundamentally different offerings, to allow you to provide your clients with comprehensive digital solutions. To keep things simple for you and your clients, we can partner with agencies like yours in two ways.

  1. White Label Solution: We offer a white label solution, where our paid search services are branded as yours- you maintain complete, sole control of the client relationship. Behind the scenes, we'd work directly with you and your agency to provide your client world-class paid search services, branded as yours. We would bill you for our services (at a discounted rate), and you can charge your clients what you wish for our services. Your client never knows LS Media exists.

  2. Paid Referral Arrangement: For agencies that prefer to keep their offerings strictly their own, but still want to ensure their client has all of their needs met, we also offer a paid referral arrangement. Simply introduce LS Media to your agency's client, we'll handle all of the planning, work, monthly maintenance and optimization, and billing directly with the client. The best part: we'll send you a recurring, monthly commission check, just for making the introduction!

A partnership with LS Media enables your agency to provide a more comprehensive solution to your clients, without straying from your core competency... and without worrying about competition from your partner. Because we're a hyper-focused solution provider- we don't do design work, development, branding, or print services- you can rest easy knowing your clients will remain yours, while receiving world-class paid search management services.

If your clients are small and mid-sized companies looking to spend between $500 and $100,000/mo. across the PPC platforms of Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Yahoo and Facebook Ads there is a great chance a strategic partnership with us will work for you.

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